Akademie für gesprochenes Wort

university project – 2013

Recreation of the corporate design for the Stuttgart-based “Akademie für gesprochenes Wort” (AfgW) as part of a university project. A raising awareness level as well as appealing to younger audiences were two of the principal objects. My design concept (which I called “to leave one’s mark” as a working title) is based on abstract sonorous patterns and coloured water drops combined with portraits of several poets. This concept refers to the fundamental idea of the academy’s artistic, explorative and educational ambitions of leaving a special legacy. Looking ahead the AfgW should have established as a well-known institution for the spoken word. In addition it should strongly spark people’s interest in poetry and literature and be just inspiring.

My designs include business cards and documents, posters for several events such as the “Stuttgarter Stimmtage”, postcards, an image brochure as well as a 20th anniversary brochure, website and book jackets.