Prima Nox

Bachelor thesis – 2014

How many stars can we still see?
Light pollution is an environmental problem which not only causes the loss of our cultural assets, the starry sky, but also has significant effects on the nightly nature and its biodiversity as well as our human rhythm of life. It occurs by too much and wrongly shielded artificial lights and outshines the natural light of the moon and the stars. Unfortunately light pollution hasn‘t been paid much attention yet, there‘s still a lack of information that needs to be filled as well as an all-embracing communication. That‘s the point where my project starts: I developed a campaign that is addressed by a correspondent foundation which I called „Prima Nox“. This campaign‘s remit is to inform the general public and municipal policy makers about light pollution and make them aware about the importance of the protection of the natural night. This shall be achieved by several means of communication such as posters, a symposium, a magazine that‘s published monthly, a website and apps for tablets and smartphones.
The picture language expresses an emotional and empathic atmosphere which communicates a positive feeling of the night. This approach is important to ensure a nationwide awareness raising. A positive feeling about the night and making clear that there‘s no need to have any fear is one of the fundamental messages of the campagin. Concerning the design there‘s one more essential item that‘s part of the campaign: a cachet for the protection of the natural night and its nocturnal landscape. With this cachet municipalities are able to characterise themselves by a measured and ecological use of artificial light. It should develop as a worthwile certification to preserve the natural darkness of the night.

Our night is something very beautiful and precious. It‘s not only a refuge for animals, for us as human beings the night means silence and recreation. But sometimes the night is also a feeling. The feeling of exloring the nightly wonders and watching the stars. But also the joy of catching a glimpse of deer at the edge of the forest. It‘s a feeling of memories from days of our childhood. These positive associations shall be regained by as much people as possible.