Conceiving and implementing a magazine regarding “manners” as a key issue for this first edition we had to build a bridge between “manners” and a chosen theme for this magazine series, in my case I wanted to create a special music magazine.
My magazine which I called “Tempt – unkonventionelles Magazin einer Musikindustrie” aims to provoke the readers and suprise them at the same time by providing interesting facts from the world of music as well as predominant illustrations. The special character of “Tempt” is the fact that it is some sort of collection of special articles. To get the information you find in “Tempt” you would have to buy many different magazines. The key issue changes with every edition. I chose “Tempt” as the magazine’s title because it fits best when it comes to provocative issues. Get tempted!

The 84 page magazine has the dimensions of 23 x 27,5 cm.